Can your DMS handle Parts Operation?

Maintaining proper control of part and accessory inventories, while providing for adequate turnover and margins, is an important part of operating a successful dealership.

Many systems out there can track your inventory, but can they handle the industry-specific needs of your dealership such as:

–        Inventory Valuation and Gross Profit reports

–        Transfers from one store to another

–        Automated special orders

Here’s some key questions to ask to find out if your parts operation is in need of improvement:

  • Is our current system meeting our needs when it comes to running a well-organized, efficient, and profitable parts department?
  • Can we run accurate gross profit reports on a daily basis?  Are our inventory levels accurate and appropriate at all times of the year?
  • Does our system allow us to purchase from the vendor with the best pricing?
  • Do we have confidence in our inventory valuation reports?
  • Are there sufficient controls to eliminate theft or employee fraud?
  • Can we easily transfer inventory from one store to another?
  • Do we have enough pricing levels to handle various discounting policies?
  • Does our system handle the special ordering of parts and accessories in an automated and efficient manner, allowing us to provide outstanding service to our customers?
  • Does our current system include point-of-sale functionality which lets us process counter transactions quickly and efficiently while providing adequate financial controls and reports?

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