Conducting a Parts Count in IDS Astra G2 Dealer Management Software

Conducting a parts count in the IDS Astra G2 RV and Marine Dealer Management Software is easy when you follow these steps…

To access the parts count application to go Parts>Utilities>Conduct a Parts Count from the G2 Navigator.


In the IDS Astra G2 parts count application, the steps in which to process the parts inventory are labeled Step 1 -4.

The first step, “Step 1,” is to initialize the count file. This is done by selecting either Year-End Count or Cycle Count. If doing a cycle count, choose the bin(s) that are going to be counted.  More than one location can be selected in a cycle count.


Once the bins have been selected or Year End Count is selected, click on the Build Count File button. Once the count file is built, proceed to “Step 2” and print the count sheets.


To choose the printer, click on File in the top left and print setup and choose the printer if it is not already chosen.

Once the count sheets are printed, it is always good to have a back up copy of the Initial parts value. Go to Reports, select Year End Count or Cycle Count and Initial Parts Value.  Then print a copy of the report.


Once you have printed these reports, the inventory can then be counted and written in on the count sheets.

After the count(s) are complete on paper, they can be entered into the system using “Step 3”.

Begin entering in the counts. If starting with page 2, choose the page number and click Resequence Page Numbers button. To locate a part, type in the part number and click the Locate button. Enter the counts in the field Main Count, Bin Count 2, Bin Count 3 or Bin Count 4. The 2, 3 & 4 are for any surplus locations. Once the counts are entered, click the Save button. Even if the inventory counts are not complete, click the Save button and it will update the count files that were entered.


Before moving onto ” Step 4″, it is important to make sure everything that was counted was entered. To check this go to Reports, choose Year End Count or Cycle Count, and Parts Not Counted Report.


Also go through the Parts Variance Report to ensure that everything that is on the report is a valid variance.

Once satisfied with the counts that have been entered, move to Step 4 back on the Main Tab. The amount that is on the Variance Report is the amount that will post if Create count journal entry is checked before clicking the Begin Move to Actual button.


If you simply want to start over from the beginning without moving the counts to actual, click on the Reset button. Conducting- Parts-Count-reset

To learn more about how IDS Astra G2 can benefit not only your parts management, but several other key areas of your business, please contact us.

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