Drive Revenue with Triggered Email Messages in IDS Astra G2 CRM

An easy, and often overlooked, way to expand an email marketing program for your RV dealership is to include trigger-based email campaigns. Since these are activated by specific actions and the behaviour of your customers, your email marketing will be more relevant, more effective, and you’ll ultimately increase revenue.

Defining Trigger-Based Messaging

So what exactly is trigger-based messaging?  A triggered message is one that is automatically generated based on a meaningful change, or event in a customer behaviour or profile based on the customer’s interaction with any department within your RV dealership.

Types of Trigger-Based Email Campaigns

There are two primary types of trigger-based email campaigns, Action-Based and Recurring.

  1. Action-Based Triggers: These triggers are sent when a direct action is taken by a customer or lead. They can include a sales inquiry, opt-in for newsletter, a visit to the dealership, or a purchase.
  2. Recurring Triggers: Recurring triggers are profile-based. These triggers can include birthdays, service reminders, and other recurring business rules that initiate an automated campaign.

You can incorporate both of these trigger campaigns into your email program, or you can begin with one initially and expand as you gain confidence in your efforts.

The major advantage to a trigger-based email marketing program is that it provides you with a great amount of revenue possibilities that a one newsletter covers all or a physical letter approach does not provide.  Due to its immediacy, reactionary nature, and relevance to your customer, action-based triggers reap the most return.

Set Your Email Marketing Success in Motion

Your trigger-based email strategies can easily be generated from the information stored in your dealer management system (DMS) and streamlined through an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.  Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), for example, has a robust CRM module integrated into its Astra G2 system that provides you with a full 360-degree visibility of your RV customer base.  This allows you to easily generate targeted trigger-based messaging directly from your DMS.  With this type of system in place, you can quickly and easily begin implementing trigger-based messaging with the following programs:

Welcome Programs:

Welcome messages yield some of the highest open rates and are an excellent way to introduce your brand to a prospect and increase your chances of a sale. The period after inquiry is a prime time to reach your prospects when they are most interested and likely to respond. Triggered by a newsletter, opt-in, or sales inquiry, this series of messages can include a bi-weekly drip of RV educational content, exclusive deals, and social links.

Lead Nurture Programs:

Lead Nurture Programs allow you to build a relationship with prospects through their interests and behaviour. Triggered by a sales inquiry, this program can be used in conjunction with the salesperson follow-up to provide education focused messages to help the prospect in decision making.

This program can also be used to re-connect with prospects that fall off the grid and become inactive. By making them an offer they can’t refuse through a limited-time special promotion or strong call-to-action, you can give them a reason to re-activate.

Post Purchase Programs:

A Post Purchase message series allows you to retain the relationship with a customer after a purchase. Automatically triggered by an RV purchase or service, this message series can include a Thank You coupon, product care information, customer satisfaction survey, warranty/accessories up-sell, and related services information.

Date-Triggered Programs:

Date-triggered messages, such as birthday and purchase anniversary emails, are excellent opportunities to send your well wishes and also offer your customers a special deal on their special day. These types of messages can be automated with minimal effort. When gathering information on your customers, make an effort to request dates for commonly celebrated events. This simple gesture could mean a big payoff for your top-line revenue.

Trigger-based email campaigns are an effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. Through automated workflows, you can present a tailor-made message to your customers that aligns your offerings with their needs. In addition, once up and running, they are success in motion. When integrated through your dealer management software’s CRM module, you can save even more time and make this process even simpler.

Take these concepts and create your automated, trigger-based campaigns today!

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