Employee Incentive Pay Plans Made Easy with IDS Astra G2

I was visiting with an old friend of mine the other day when the topic of bonuses and incentive pay came up.  The team he works with was not being motivated by the incentive pay plan the company has for them.   So I asked him a few questions about the system they have in place, and the discussion went deep into the perceptions of why the team was not influenced by the plan.  Bottom line:  the team perceived no control over the outcome and could not relate to, or have access to, the measurement tools.  They could not identify results based on their actions.

There are volumes of information on incentive pay plans on the Internet.  One only needs to use their favorite web search engine to find them.  I went through several articles regarding incentive based pay plans and all came back to the same conclusions:

1. The Goal must be clearly defined.  
Establish goals and milestones to meet the goal and communicate them clearly and concisely to the individual or team.  To say we are going to increase customer satisfaction by 10% leaves a lot of open-ended questions.  What is the customer satisfaction rate now?  How is it measured? What can I do to influence customer satisfaction?  These questions need to be answered.

2. The measurement of progress to attaining the goal must be readily available to the individual or the team. 
How does the individual or team see their progress to the goal?  You can’t expect a football team to win a game if they don’t know the score throughout the game.  You will need to setup a scoreboard for the individual or team.  Review the progress of the goal based on milestones on a weekly basis.

3.  The Individual or team must feel their actions and performance have a direct impact to meeting the goal.
Train to the goal and how the individual or teams have a direct impact on the goal.  What can they do to improve it?  How can they meet the milestones?  Most importantly, solicit their ideas on meeting the goal.  They are in the trenches dealing with the object you are targeting and will have ideas on creating a more effective approach.  It also will let them buy in to the goal and they will take a personal stake in it.

The solution: 

1. IDS Astra G2 will provide the data to assist in establishing the goals and measuring the progress by providing historical information on dealership performance in all departments.

2. Utilize your IDS Astra G2 dashboard to report progress throughout the day to your employees by setting up KPI (Key Performance Indicators).  This keeps the goal in front of them all day.

3. Print weekly, monthly reports for use in your training meetings to reinforce the progress or show the shortfalls, and help establish a plan to overcome shortfalls or recognize their accomplishments.

This is just one of the many benefits or the IDS Astra G2 system.  To learn more, call 800-769-7425.

Greg Dewalt, an account representative and contributor for IDS, has a wealth of experience in the RV industry having served as vice president for Dewalt’s RV for over 16 years, and has a total of 25 years in the industry. While at Dewalt’s RV, he helped with the implementation of IDS Astra’s dealer management software in 1999 and used the product to manage the day-to-day operations of the business for 10 years. You can contact Greg at 800-769-7425.

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