Expert Advice: Setting Up a Salesperson in IDS Astra G2 for CRM

The IDS Astra CRM product includes several powerful features designed to help RV and Marine dealers maintain continuous contact with their customer base.

One of the key elements in utilizing IDS Astra CRM properly is making sure you have your RV and Marine sales staff set up in your system correctly. Here are the steps that will assist you with setting up a salesperson.

In Admin>Setup>Update Codes and Tables verify that the salesperson has been setup.


Make sure that the Role for Salesperson is setup. This can be done under Admin> Security> Administer G2>Maintain Roles

(The salesperson role will already exist, click on the magnifying glass to search for the existing role)

Salesperson -Setup2

The next step is to setup the user file, which is setup under Admin>Security>Administer G2> Maintain Users.

The user has to be setup on the server.  To find the user, click on the magnifying glass to search for the user id.


Next assign the role to the user in that same section, Maintain Users


Mapping the salespeople is the last step. In order for the salespeople to show in the Manager View of IDS Astra CRM, they must be mapped.

This is done through Admin>Security>Map Salespeople


The salesperson you added is now able to perform CRM operations in your IDS Astra system.

For more information on IDS Astra CRM, call 800-769-7425 

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