Exporting and Printing Grids in the IDS Astra G2 Dealer Software

Did you know that all the Grids in IDS Astra G2 can be exported and/or printed?

This quick and easy feature can prove to be a very valuable asset to your RV or Marine Dealership. Using it is simple… in your IDS Astra G2 dealer management software, open the Grid.  In this example, the Work Order Manager, load your open ROs, and then click on the EDIT button.

work-order-managerNext choose GRID Export.


Once you Export, you can either Print or click on the EXCEL icon and it will export to Excel.


Again all Grids within IDS Astra G2 are exportable in this same fashion, meaning you can use this process for your RO manager, PO manager, AR & AP Manager, Deals, Quotes, Estimates etc!

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