Helpful Deposit Tip in IDS Astra G2 Dealer Management Software

By Karla Homberg

Did you know that you can remove a batch from a deposit in IDS Astra G2’s RV and Marine dealer management software?

When updating a bank deposit in IDS Astra G2’s dealer software, all outstanding batches will be listed.

To remove a batch from this deposit, simply right-click on the batch number you wish to remove and click Delete Batch.  Don’t worry if you delete the wrong one, just left-click in the batch number field on the blank line at the bottom of the list and use the drop down arrow to view the deleted batches.  A left-click on the batch number followed by pressing  the tab key will bring the batch back into the deposit.

To learn more about the many features and benefits read more about IDS Astra G2 software for RV or  Marine dealer management.


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