IDS Astra CRM Provides an Accurate Daily Sales Traffic Log

Everybody wants it, everybody has tried it… so is your Daily Sales Traffic Log accurate?

The Daily Sales Traffic Log is an integral part of analyzing the effectiveness of your salespeople.  An accurate Daily Sales Traffic Log should include:

–  Customer information
–  Salesperson
–  Marketing source (how did the customer learn about us)
–  What stage the sales person got to in the sales process

Logging each customer who visits your RV or Marine dealership on an accurate Daily Sales Traffic Log can tell you how effective each salesperson is as well as the effectiveness of your marketing.

This is not new to the vast majority of dealerships.  The real questions are:

1.  How are you accomplishing an ACCURATE Daily Sales Traffic Log?

2.  Is it giving you the information you need?

3.  How much time do you spend putting the data into a form for analyzing?

4.  Are you able to use the analysis to improve your sales efforts?

The IDS Astra G2 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can streamline your sales department efforts in maintaining an accurate Traffic Log.  Your sales department will complete a Traffic Log without really knowing they are doing so.  As the salesperson updates their customer’s information and results of the activity/opportunity, the Traffic Log is automatically updated.  Marketing sources are easily marked with drop-down choices, the sales process status is updated, and the next activity for the salesperson is scheduled.

IDS Astra CRM will report on all aspects of your Traffic Log, as well as your telephone and email opportunities.  Now you can get a real picture of the total effectiveness of your salespeople.  You’ll measure not only your lot traffic effectiveness, but also telephone and email opportunities.

To learn more about how IDS Astra G2 and its CRM module can help keep your Daily Sales Traffic Log accurate, give me a call at 800-769-7425.

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