IDS Astra CRM Workflows Connect the Dots…

With IDS Astra CRM Workflows, you can automatically initiate a series of activities whenever a ‘trigger’ is activated.

Triggers can be virtually any step in your Sales process – from initial Up to a Final Sale.

Filters can be associated with each Trigger to ensure that appropriate Actions are taken under virtually any circumstance:

Actions can be customized to add a personal touch…

Workflows can be created and customized quickly and easily thanks to ‘drag and drop’ functionality and simple, fool-proof connectivity.

With CRM’s Workflows, it really is as easy as connecting the dots!

In addition to trigger-based WorkflowsAstra CRM lets you create Automated Message Rules based on conditions.  Generate birthday greetings, send Service Reminders, schedule regular mailings – all based on pick-and-choose options that leverage your existing data and take the effort out of routine communications.

CRM’s Automated Workflows and Automated Message Rules feature robust reporting and detailed analytics to help ensure that your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.  Contact your IDS representative for additional details!

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