IDS Astra CRM’s “Go” Feature Easily Streamlines Leads and Sources

Ever wanted an easy way to find all your RV or Marine Opportunities and Contacts who’ve expressed an interest in a specific brand or model?  Ever wished you had a convenient way to locate all your Leads from a specific source?

IDS Astra CRM’s Go search feature, introduced several months ago, offers a quick and easy free-form searching of specific fields within your Marine or RV Leads, Opportunities, and Contacts.  And it’s right at the top of CRM’s Home page!

When you use the Go search feature, the IDS Astra G2 dealer management software will locate all instances of whatever you enter in specific fields on each form.

The Go search function checks …

Leads:  searches SubjectCommentsInterest, and Interest Comments

Opportunities: searches SubjectStock Description, and Comments

Contacts: searches General Comments

The Go search function will find every instance of an exact match of whatever you enter, anywhere within the fields listed above – do a Go search on ‘Bay,’ for example, and you’d locate Bayliner, bayside, or e-bay, but if you search for ‘bayside,’ you’ll only find results for bayside.

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