IDS Astra G2 EDI Saves Time and Improves Efficiency for Dealers

By Marilyn Melkus – IDS Software Consultant

During a recent onsite visit, I was able to show the dealership how to setup their Parts & Warranty departments to use the IDS EDI (Electronic Data Interface) in order to submit Parts Purchase Orders and Service Warranty Claims via the IDS Astra G2 RV and Marine dealer software program.  This option allows RV and Marine dealers to only have to enter the data once, via Astra G2, and then it’s automatically submitted via the EDI system.

IDS Astra G2’s EDI filemover option saves dealers time, obtains the parts orders and/or warranty payments much quicker, and creates seamless communication between the vendor’s system and the IDS Astra G2 dealer management system.  Through this implementation, Marine and RV dealers instantly save time and eliminate the hassle of printing out the paperwork, walking to the fax machine, punching in the fax number, waiting for it to transmit etc.  Everything is automatically done for you!

The IDS Astra G2 RV dealer management program has the ability to submit purchase orders via EDI for most of the popular RV vendors such as NTP, Coast and Stag, as well as the RV manufacturer of Keystone.

By using the IDS EDI option and the IDS configuration of the Suggested Purchasing, this dealer is now able to free up more than 3 hours of their Purchase Agent’s time, as well as save their Warranty Writer a ton of time throughout the day.  The suggested purchasing works off the dealer’s Min and Max setup in the Parts files and will automatically load into the PO what it suggests you should order.

Both options are available to all IDS RV and Marine dealers.

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