IDS Astra G2’s AR and AP Manager Applications Save Time for Dealers

During a recent onsite training engagement, the dealership controller that I was working with was discussing how it was so difficult via IDS Astra to find outstanding AR or AP items.  After reviewing her requirements and what it was she needed, I showed her the AR and AP Manager Applications in IDS Astra G2’s dealer management software program.

These “manager grids” were exactly what she has been looking for.  She is now able to open the application for the manager grids in Astra G2, and then she can sort by due date, by vendor or by any of seven other columns of data that exist in the manager grids.  From the grid, she was also very happy to see she could filter down to one specific vendor, as well as to cut a check right from the grid itself, without having to write anything down and go to a different screen.  She also was happy to see that she can take payment from the AR manager grid, which will come in very handy when inputting wire transfers received almost daily from bank contracts.

Suffice it to say the new AP and AR Manager grids now available in Astra G2’s Marine and RV Dealer Management Software will save her quite a bit of time throughout her day.  She is very happy to learn of their existence and will be using them every day!

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