IDS Astra G2’s New Remote Assistance Tool Allows for Quicker Support

The latest release of IDS Astra G2 introduces a NEW Remote Assistance Tool designed to connect your workstation to the IDS Support Department quicker and easier.

Previously you were required to log into a site, download, give us control numbers, etc. before IDS could remotely access your machine.  Now it is a simple process directly from the IDS Astra G2 dealer management system!  If IDS needs to connect to your workstation to help troubleshoot, we can easily open up remote assistance from G2:

After clicking, you’ll receive the following pop-up message:












Once you click OK, you’ll see the pop-up below and IDS can access your screen.  This new feature allows the IDS Support Department to connect to your machine faster which, in turn, can help resolve issues much quicker.












This is just one of the several new enhancements you’ll find in the October IDS Astra G2 release.   Keep an eye out for the full list of enhancements in an upcoming email and our next newsletter.

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