IDS Astra G2’s Time Savers Help You Improve Work Flow

IDS Astra G2 RV and Marine dealer management software provides many ‘time savers’ designed to improve workflow and save you time and effort.  Most depend on ‘context’ – options available based on which window, which tab, and which field you’re in.

Here are a few guidelines for working with Astra G2 fields that will help you save time…

When a field in a grid requires selection from a pre-defined list, the field itself will feature a drop-down arrow to display the list of available choices:


Whenever a field requires a search of your dealership’s database, you can launch a search by double-clicking in the field.  Right-clicking in the field lets you choose from available search options.


(In this example, right-clicking in the Stock No. field launches a Stock Search).

Options will vary depending on the field.  In this example, right-clicking in the Customer field allows you to launch a Customer Search, or edit an existing Customer’s information…


Most fields that allow input are also ‘activated’ via a right-click.


(In this example, right-clicking in the Dealer Option Code field provides access to an Option Chooser for easy lookup).

In all Date fields, you can enter a date manually, right-click to launch a Calendar, or simply double-click to open the Calendar:


You can also enter a ‘short form’ date – enter the month and date separated by a period (.), and Astra G2 will ‘translate’ the date to DD/MM/YY format, with the current year assumed.

For example, entering ‘4.15’ in a Date field will result in the date being entered in to Astra G2 as ‘15 Apr 2011’.

Fields that reflect calculations based on values entered in other fields provide ‘Recalculate’ options when you right-click:


In some cases, you can exercise options through either a right-click or via a button on the window:


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