The Dealership Manager’s Toolbox

Dealership Manager ToolboxThe owner or manager of a dealership, or any enterprising company, must have a toolbox to manage the business, the employees, and plan for the future.

Management skills such as team building and motivational skills, as well as marketing skills, sales skills, etc. can only be as effective as the tools you use to employ those skills.  A service technician using a screwdriver is less effective, less productive than one using a power screw gun.  The quality of the tool, the additional features it provides, and its versatility all provide the technician with added capabilities and better productivity.  Your toolbox should provide you the same high quality tools enhancing your productivity and skills.

Your Dealership Management System is a large portion of your toolbox.  It should provide you the tools you need to effectively manage your RV, Marine, or Trailer dealership.  Timely, accurate and easily accessible reporting for key managers and the general manager can improve their productivity.  The reports should be in a format you can use to drill down and analyze the data, view trends, and make operational decisions to meet your dealership and department goals.

What items do you look at every day, week, and month to apply your skills in your RV, Marine or Trailer dealership?  Here are just a few items in your Dealer Management Software toolbox you may be using.

– Daily traffic log – provides statistics on the effectiveness of your sales people, marketing effectiveness by source, and where your sales team is at in the sales process with customers.

– Lead tracking and Conversion – Measure your sales team’s effectiveness with the leads they receive.

– Daily, weekly, monthly sales reports by department – Measure the effectiveness of each department and meeting goals.

– Gross Profit reports – Measures the effectiveness of each department and meeting goals.

– Obsolete parts reports – Clean out those old, obsolete parts to free up cash for faster moving parts and accessories.

– Average sales per ticket, both parts and service – Measures the ability of parts salespeople and service advisors’ ability to up-sell customers.

– Cash management reports – Measures the effectiveness of cash management and ensures your assets are working at maximum efficiency.

– Over Due Items – Work orders, AP, AR, Unclaimed Warranty, Contracts in Transit, Floor-plan Payoffs, Trade Payoffs,  over X days old.

So how good are the tools in Your toolbox?


Greg Dewalt, an account representative and contributor for IDS, has a wealth of experience in the RV industry having served as vice president for Dewalt’s RV for over 16 years, and has a total of 25 years in the industry. While at Dewalt’s RV, he helped with the implementation of IDS Astra’s dealer management software in 1999 and used the product to manage the day-to-day operations of the business for 10 years. You can contact Greg at 800-769-7425.


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