Important News for Windows XP Users

You may have been hearing a lot lately about Microsoft discontinuing the support of the Windows XP operating system.

If you are currently running your Astra software on Windows XP, here’s what it means to you:

After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting the Windows XP operating system, and Windows Server 2003 will soon follow.  This means there will no longer be any new operating system updates or security patches for any computer running on Windows XP after April 8th, and you will no longer be able to license a PC with Windows XP at that point.

If you process credit cards online, you may run into some PCI compliancy issues running your credit card processing on Windows XP.  To avoid any issues, such as fees for being non-compliant, we recommend you check with your merchant services provider and review your compliancy.

Integrated Dealer Systems will continue to support your Astra software running on an XP computer.  However, if there’s an issue down the road with your XP operating system, such as a hard drive failure, you could potentially lose your data simply because we won’t be able to replace it with a compatible hard drive.

What can you do to maintain PCI compliancy and ensure your computers function properly?

Your best option is to purchase new computers that meet our hardware requirements, which is something we recommend you do every 4-6 years to ensure you have the highest functioning, most reliable, and secure system to handle your everyday business needs.

We appreciate your business and look forward in continuing to bring you the best in service and support.

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