Inventory Control Step 4: Make your Parts Manager more Accountable

Guidelines for Service AdvisorWe’ve mentioned before that the main reason you probably aren’t keeping good tabs on your inventory is because it’s too time consuming and not something that you want to commit to. Owners are salespeople. They don’t want to do the administrative aspect of the business. That’s why you’ve got to put your trust into someone with more expertise, and that’s your Parts Manager.

Your Parts Manager has one of the most demanding jobs of your business. If you’re getting serious about implementing an effective inventory control plan, they need to be heavily involved. In fact, they should be in full control of your parts.

Keep as few hands on your inventory as possible

Independent dealership consultant Jeff Sheets says the key to good parts management is to have as few people dealing with your parts as possible. Do not let your service techs handle your parts because they can be the biggest culprits when it comes to inventory quantities being off. Their job is to fix units, not tally where they got the parts. So they are very susceptible to pulling something off the shelf and not accounting where it came from. This can cause major trouble in your stocking quantities.

If you have accurate inventory counts and are organized, put the part movement in the hands of your Parts Manager. Let them be the one to handle the parts for the service techs. Not only will it help your inventory levels, it will also turn into more billable hours for your techs because they won’t have to leave their area and waste time looking for parts.

Offer an incentive plan for your Parts Manager

How do you keep your Parts Manager motivated and accountable for your inventory? Consider implementing an incentive plan for doing good work. For example, you could set percentage goals in accuracy. If they keep the inventory 95% accurate over a set period of time, offer them a bonus. This holds them accountable and drives them to keep your quantity levels and parts movement a tightly-run ship.

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