How well do you know your audience?

Guest post by Sarah Engel, Marketing Consultant at G.1440 

I was talking with my boss earlier about billboards we see on our respective drives to work. That got us on the topic of our favorites, and he brought up one that, when he saw it, he felt was the best he’s ever seen. It featured two distinct brand icons that everyone in Baltimore knows. Everything about the billboard was perfect, and he felt the agency behind it really nailed it because they knew their audience.

Knowing your audience is essential to success, especially when it comes to the web. If your website can’t capture the attention of your target market, you’ll have a hard time keeping them engaged on your site, and they certainly won’t make return visits. How do we know who our website visitors are? Where do they come from? Which pages on our site are they visiting?

Google Analytics gives us this information (and much more), and the best part – it’s absolutely free!

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