Interview with Legacy RV on how to increase sales through your website

Legacy RV CenterCelebrating its first year in business, Legacy RV Center includes everything you would expect from a full-scale RV dealer. The Salt Lake City dealership is  locally owned and backed by over 30 years of experience in the RV industry. Co-owner Troy Bradley knows first-hand what people want from an RV dealership – quality and value. He also sees the importance of having a website that acts as an additional Legacy RV salesperson. Although smaller in size compared to some of its competitors,  the small staff shouldn’t fool you. Legacy RV knows how to get the job done!

IDS:  Tell us about the history of your dealership.

Troy:  “We have been in business for one year, with 12 employees. Kent Richards is the main owner, and then there are a few partners. I know Kent from previously working together at a local dealership for 10 years. We decided to start our own dealership because our hands were a bit tied when it came to customer service, and we figured we could be just as good, if not better!”

IDS: What makes your dealership unique?

Troy:  “We have a lot of fun. That is our big thing.  We wanted to create an environment that wasn’t where everyone is tied in knots and is stressed out. We sell fun. How can we sell fun if we’re not fun or having fun? At Legacy RV, we want to get customers in here, have a ton of fun with them, provide great service, and a great product. Our whole goal is to make them feel like a rock star when they are here, and we do a pretty good job at it.”

IDS:  Tell me a little bit about how you have sold more RVs through your website over the last few years. What made you realize that you needed a website?

Troy:  “We sell a ton off of our website. For us, it seems people shop online before they shop on your lots. A lot of times you think that people who come onto your lot don’t know your inventory. If you ask them if they have been on the website, 8 out of 10 people have. Something that’s really nice is when they say, ‘Oh yeah, you have a good looking website that is well maintained.’”

IDS:  When you decided you needed a new website, how many companies did you research?

Troy:  “We actually researched a bunch of companies. How many? I don’t know, but we landed with Dealership Unlimited (DU) for a couple reasons. The website is really user friendly on the backend in regards to loading pictures, descriptions, and things like that. The price is a big factor because obviously we didn’t have a big wallet for an expensive website off the get go.”

IDS:  What is your favorite feature or benefit about your Dealership Unlimited website?

Troy:  “My favorite benefit is the ability to suspend a price instantaneously. I like the ‘Call for price’ feature instead of having a price set in stone. Having the flexibility gives us a lot of leeway and provides us with the upper-hand for making sales.”

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