Meet the IDS Professional Services Group

As a follow-up to our Sales & Marketing feature, we’d like to continue introducing you to the great employees that make IDS function on a daily basis.  In this installment, we’d like to introduce you to our Professional Services Group.

Kimberly Schultz – Director of Professional Services and Account Manager

Kimbery SchultzMany of you may recognize Kimberly Schultz.  She is our Director of Professional Services and also serves as an Account Manager for 35 of our top dealers!  She’s been with IDS for nearly 13 years and has made invaluable contributions to the company.

Kimberly enjoys that each dealership’s story is a bit different and in order to implement the software successfully, you have to not only look at their current situation, but make the software and its benefits fit within the dealership.  Kimberly feels she’s always up for this challenge and ready to seize the day.

Kimberly’s past work experience has helped her prepare for her role here at IDS. “No matter what role I played at other companies before coming to IDS, I have always ended up in a Management role.  I worked at two different car dealerships and in both dealerships ended up as the Office Manager within a short period of time.”

Kimberly takes pride in her people skills and strong work ethic.  She values the same qualities in her team and feels it’s important to make sure you always look at people’s strengths and their weaknesses and put them in a role that will help them to shine.

With some college coursework already under her belt, she plans to return to school for her bachelor’s degree in Business Management, as soon as time permits.

In Kimberly’s spare time you can find her boating and soaking up the Florida sun.  Weather permitting, you will find her on her boat at least one day every weekend.  She finds it’s very relaxing and peaceful.  She also enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Lynne Thornton – Professional Services Coordinator

Lynne ThorntonProfessional Services employee Lynne Thornton is the veteran of the group that has been with IDS the longest.  Lynne Thornton has been with us for 21 years and counting! She is our Professional Services Coordinator and enjoys working with the new clients and building the dealerships accounts.  Prior to IDS, Lynne was working for an RV dealership who purchased the IDS software.  After two years, the dealership was moving to Oklahoma, so Lynne was offered a position to help open our Florida location and has been an integral part of our team ever since.

Lynne has taken college accounting classes throughout the years and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband on the golf course.


Marilyn Melkus – Professional Services Consultant and Account Representative

Marylin MelkusNext, we have Marilyn Melkus.  Marilyn has been at IDS for 17 years serving as both a Professional Services Consultant and an Account Representative for the West Coast.  Marilyn enjoys variety of the work, everything from consulting, training, organizing, assisting and anything in between.  She came to IDS with industry experience having worked for an RV manufacturer and a large multi-national boat dealership.

Marilyn has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management along with multiple MBA hours.  In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with family and taking her three dogs to parks and the beautiful Oregon coast.

Ranee Jackson – Professional Services Consultant

Ranee JacksonRanee Jackson is Professional Services Consultant and has also worked in the support department as Accounting Team Leader.  Ranee is another long-tenured employee.  This month marks her 14th anniversary.  Because Ranee has had the opportunity to work in two different departments, she has been able to share her experience and knowledge of IDS with many of the customers that she has formed relationships with and that continues to be her favorite part of her job.

Prior to IDS, Ranee served as a Payroll Accountant, which she credits to helping her out tremendously in her career at IDS.  It allows her to help customers understand how the Accounting works in IDS while also offering her knowledge in General Accounting to help users better understand their software.

Ranee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and has studied at both the University of Florida and the University of South Florida.  She does have some post graduate classes under her belt and plans to continue her education very soon.  Ranee generally spends her spare time with friends and family.  She loves the water, reading, and attending sporting events.  She never passes up an opportunity to spend the day on the boat unless it’s during football season.

Shaunna Tripanier – Professional Services Consultant

Shaunna TripanierProfessional Services Consultant Shaunna Tripanier has been with IDS for nearly 11 years and holds a degree in Business Management.  Shaunna enjoys working with the customers.  She says she gets satisfaction knowing that she’s helped someone learn something new.  She also enjoys learning new things.  She feels that IDS has made so many wonderful changes to the software that it makes her job exciting.  Constantly learn keeps her busy daily which she enjoys.

Before joining the IDS team, Shaunna worked in an auto repair shop which prepared her for the parts and service areas of the software.  She’s spent the majority of her adult working career, however, with IDS.  Prior to her current position, she held positions as Help Desk Administrator, Customer Support for the parts and service team and Accounting Support.

Shaunna keeps just as busy at home as she does at work.  Her 5 year old son keeps her busy daily with all of his handy man projects.  She also enjoys spending time with her husband, spending time at her church and helping others within the community.

Mark Berggren – Professional Services Regional Account Manager

Mark BerggrenFinally we have Mark Berggren.  Mark is our Professional Services Regional Account Manager and has been with IDS for three and a half years and has been working with IDS software at dealerships over the last 16 years.

Mark says that he enjoys being part of company that not only has a very significant impact on the RV and Marine dealerships success across the US and Canada, but also the impact we have on the people that work for them.

Prior to IDS, Mark spent 13 years as a Project and Implementation Manager where he was involved in software development and then the deployment to the field.  He also spent 12 years as an F&I Manager for a RV dealership in Orlando, FL.  He was also their IT person and played a role in software development using visual FoxPro.

In Mark’s spare time, he enjoys golfing, going to the beach, and a reading a good book.

We tend to keep our Professional Services Group pretty busy and most of them spend a lot of time on the road visiting your dealerships. If you get the opportunity to have one of these talented individuals at your dealership, be sure to thank them for their service.

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