On the Road with Marilyn – Bring Consistency to Your Dealership with Astra G2

Astra G2Consistency.  That’s what updating to Astra G2 can bring to your dealership.  G2 brings you consistency, efficiency and a new look!  This software, which is Windows-based, is visually easy to read and follow and has proven to be a big hit with our dealers who have adopted it.

Just like the weather, which has been consistently at -10 to -20 (or worse) whether I’m travelling to Alberta, Wisconsin, New Jersey or Saskatchewan, the G2 software has brought many of the same consistent exclamations from the users that I’ve recently trained.   All the time I hear statements such as:

“This will make things so much easier!”

“I can’t believe I can see all this data right on my desktop.”

“I love the new enhanced work order printing with our logo.  It’s much more professional, easy for the customers to understand, and the work orders can now be scanned for parts sold to ROs, or RO payments.”

An area of G2 that I consistently hear praise on is the new dashboards.  These dashboards allow all users to setup their own specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and then watch as the software updates their key departmental targets all day every day.  These key KPI’s include Sales GP%, Inventory Units on Hand, Parts sales for the past week and Service profit this month compared to same month last year.  All of this data is available right on the user’s dashboard, not buried somewhere in a report.

G2’s Advanced Reporting allows users to drill into the data at an update level and make any changes to the data.  You also have the ability to sort and re-arrange the look of the reports with the G2 module so you can produce the reports that best suit your dealership.

If you haven’t updated to G2 yet, now’s the time!  Give the Professional Services department a call today at 800-769-7425 to find out more about G2 and how you can gain all the consistency & efficiency this software has to offer.


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