New Mexico RV and Marine Dealer Credits IDS Software for 40% of Its Success

New Mexico RV and Marine DealerDid you know that Astra G2, our dealership management system, has played a significant role in helping Rocky Mountain RV & Marine grow into a successful 10-acre dealership with over 50 employees?

In fact, according to Bob Scholl, the Assistant General Manager at Rocky Mountain, “about 40%” of the dealership’s success is due to our software. He went on to explain that the system has eliminated many of the time-consuming activities performed by the managers, allowing them to focus more on their actual job – which is managing their people.

Rocky Mountain has been using Astra G2 since the early ‘90s, which is how it was able to implement the software across all of its departments, having even added the IDS mobile app.

To get more details on how Rocky Mountain RV & Marine has used Astra G2 to grow over the course of several decades, check out IDS’ in-depth interview with Bob Scholl.

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