Technology Upgrades to Make Your 2015 More Successful

TechnologyNow that we are fully into the winter season, this tends to be the time of year a lot of dealerships are evaluating what happened the previous year, and what improvements can be done to make this year even better.  A lot of these improvements revolve around technology in your business.

Here’s some important things you should be evaluating right now, from a technology standpoint, to make your 2015 more successful:

Upgrades to your dealer management software
The livelihood of your business is stored within your IDS dealer management software.  Looking back at your busy season, did your system provide you with the important data and processes needed to run your business efficiently?  Are there any upgrades you can make to boost your efficiency even further?

IDS releases several updates per year and we’re always coming out with new tools and features to improve your user experience.  Now is the time to make sure you’re running on the most recent version. It’s also a great time to add any new user licenses, modules, or new products to your business.

Additional training
Have you hired any new staff, upgraded your software, or need additional training on the software?  Having a well-trained staff is essential when you are at your busiest.  IDS offers a variety of different training options suited to fit your specific needs and now is the time to see which options would work best for you. 

Mobile apps
Mobile technology is becoming more and more part of our everyday lives and the same can be said in dealerships.  IDS has worked to tie this technology into the software to help you with CRM, parts inventory, service, and more.  This is a great time to learn more about IDS’s mobile capabilities and see how it can benefit your business.

Hardware upgrades
Now is also the time you should be evaluating your servers to see if you need to make any upgrades.  On average, a dealer should consider replacing their servers every four-to-five years to help ensure they are maintaining at a high level.

Credit card processors are another area that you have to keep an eye on.  With changes to compliance and the introduction of EMV (also referred to as chip-and-PIN or chip-and-signature technology), merchant service companies are asking for vendors to implement new readers equipped with EMV technology to avoid future issues.  In addition, one of our merchant service providers, ChargeIt Pro, now has the ability for you to accept payment via a mobile device. 

As always with any software, hardware or equipment upgrade, it’s extremely important that you consult with your preferred vendor and get their professional recommendation before any updates are made.  Your IDS representatives are also here to help.  If you have any questions, contact Marc Hertert via phone 319-432-1584 or email or Shannon Held via phone 800-962-7872 ext. 129 or email

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