Utilizing IDS Astra Point of Sale Equipment Saves Significant Time

During a recent on-site training engagement, I discovered that the dealership did not have their point of sale scanners or bar code printers hooked up to their IDS Astra dealer management system.

We discussed why and they told me they just never had the time to mess with them.  So we immediately made it a priority and got them up and running.

After setting up the scanners and bar code printers, they are now saving a ton of time in a variety of different ways.  They can sell over-the-counter parts as part of work orders.  They can easily receive parts because they can now print bar codes.  They can also scan bar codes to sell parts to customers and place them on service work orders.

A simple “fix” to set them up that will now pay big dividends with happy parts and service personnel.  It will also make customers happy because they won’t have to wait for their part numbers to be manually entered into the parts sales screen.  Everything can now be scanned quickly and easily with the technology that the IDS system provides!

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