Dealership Management Software – Nevada

IDS was formed in 1984 with nearly experience of 30 years and expertise in  RV, Marine and Trailer dealerships. IDS has developed complete dealer management software solutions for over 9,500 users across the US and Canada. They also have their offices in Wake Forest, NC, St. Petersburg, FL, and Toronto, Canada. Just like the state of Nebraska, the state of Nevada has also been growing in RV, marine and trailer dealership. Now with such experience and standardization and a long list of clients, the industry has found a strong foothold and is flourishing towards a better future. IDS’s Astra G2 is a dealership management software solution which has various functions such as customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and financial management, parts and sales inventory, sales and finance and insurance. On special requests IDS also offers customized software according to the industrial needs and requirements to help RV, Marine and Trailer dealers.

IDS not only offer customized dealership management software systems but also aide in integrating hardware, software and network configurations, to effectively manage the business. One of the other features of this software is the availability of active live information over the social media. In other words, all the information which is necessary for the customer to be aware about is available online on the internet. This information may include the availability of parts and inventory, daily, weekly or monthly offers, sale and discounts etc. This helps to further increase the customer base. IDS has become a part of every growing RV, marine and trailer dealership, to keep a follow-up of all the business processes and increase the productivity.

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