Dealership management software – Mississippi

The state of Mississippi is experiencing an exponential growth in the RV and marine dealership market. The competition gets tougher when everyone is using technology to its fullest. In such a case dealers should make use of the best DMS systems available. Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) is an experienced company which provides DMS solutions to RV, marine and trailer dealerships. Their products are created keeping in mind the trends and are therefore always up-to-date with the latest technology. The company is a major DMS solution provider throughout North America with an impressive customer base of 9,500 dealers. RV, marine and trailer dealerships in Mississippi can benefit from IDS. One of the latest offerings  from IDS is their revolutionary Astra G2 for RV, marine and trailer dealerships. It is one of a kind as it covers a range of functions that help to make the processes  proceed smoothly.

Astra G2 by IDS covers many processes and functions such as customer relationship management (CRM), finance and accounts management, sale and budgets, parts inventory, business intelligence and reporting. Furthermore, Astra G2 also helps dealers in developing an integrated dealership website that assists in promoting the dealership via social networking and other online web tools. IDS gained a wide range success due to their dedication towards its customers. Personnel from IDS also help to implement the DMS successfully and  train the dealership staff regarding its appropriate use. Dealership systems are an ideal way for RV, marine and trailer dealerships to organize their departments and ensure that there the communication between departments is flawless, which in turn helps to increase sales.

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