Dealership management software – Montana

Montana in USA too is gaining high popularity for its RV and marine as well as trailer dealership. Many famous dealers have set shop in this state. In order to ensure that there is greater sustainability; dealers are making use of well-established DMS systems like  Astra G2 by Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS). IDS has been a pioneer in this field and has developed some of the most advanced DMS systems.Throughout North America, including the state of Montana. IDS has an impressive lineup of 9,500 customers with industry experience of nearly 30 years. Therefore, IDS has become a preferred choice of DMS system provider amongst many top-notch RV and marine dealers. The experience in this field has helped IDS to come up with better and advanced DMS systems which gratify all the needs of a RV, marine and trailer dealerships.

Astra G2 by IDS is updated regularly to provide advanced options to dealers. The new Astra G2 has advanced CRM options which help to boost revenue by manifolds. The new CRM tool has many features such as; it lets dealers assign leads based on definite factors such as geographic location, brands etc; allows for email marketing integration; helps track progress as well as success rate of all marketing campaigns; helps in promotions and sales etc. Additionally, IDS ensures there is proper implementation of the tool and offers consultation as well as advice. They also provide support to dealers whenever required, while also help to implement effective marketing strategies. Thus it is right to conclude that dealership systems are an absolute must for every RV and marine dealership to succeed.

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