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6 Questions to Ask when Evaluating your Dealership’s Sales System Performance

The way in which your products and services are distributed to your customers is an important part of your dealership’s cost structure.  Ideally, your solution should provide the information you need to sell your products and services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The following questions can help you quantify the performance of your dealership’s sales system:

  • Are we satisfied with our system’s prospect management capabilities and does it allow us to standardize our follow-up processes and track individual salesperson productivity?
  • Can we easily build and sell custom order units with standard features as well as manufacturer and dealer installed options when working with prospects?
  •  Does our system give us sufficient flexibility in creating and modifying packages from individual unit inventory?
  • Does our system have good ability to accurately track the true cost of a unit, including preparation charges, internal work orders, and overhead allocation?
  • Can we access real-time information on the deal screen regarding dealer options installed, internal work orders posted against the unit, and work in progress so that we can make informed decisions in the sales process?
  • Does our system allow us to provide financing to our customers during the sales process in an efficient, professional, and profitable manner?
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