Look no Further for DMS as IDS Extends Services in Florida and Georgia

The RV industry in Florida is very huge and enjoys high business. So much that an annual RV SuperShow is conducted here every year. It is a huge program that attracts interested buyers from across the state as well as other neighboring states. This clearly depicts the large scale RV industry thriving here. However, for a RV dealership to sustain in high competition, streamlining their operations is a prerequisite. This can be successfully fulfilled by making use of good dealership management software. Although there are many types of software available,  Astra G2 by Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) is software above par. IDS is one of the world’s leading providers of management systems for RV, marine and trailer dealership. Astra G2 delivers up to the mark and helps in aligning different departmental needs so that there is a smooth functioning amongst every department.

The main aim of dealership software is to align all the departments to work in harmony. It is nothing but a bunch of management information systems that are made especially for  RV, marine and trailer dealerships. These systems constitute of software that caters to the various needs of the dealership such as financial management, parts inventory, accounting, tracking sales, customer relationship management, and administration, scheduling and sales. Dealership management software (DMS) have easy interfaces that can be integrated with other systems so as to enable smooth functioning of the processes. Although dealers can make use of different systems for varied departments, it is advisable to use software that is compatible as well as has all the necessary systems to cater to individual departments.

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