Dealership Management Software – Louisiana

IDS’s growth has been exponential with an impressive lineup of 9,500 strong customers throughout the US in Canada. Dealers in Louisiana can benefit from IDS’s new DMS known as Astra G2. This exceptional system offers an integrated approach and is one of the most complete DMS solution for RV, marine and trailer dealerships. Unlike before when very few DMS provided full factory integration, today IDS offers not just full integration but also integrated dealership website. One of the benefits of an integrated DMS is ability to provide quick reports when needed. This decreases wastage of time and thus results in better profits.

IDS’s Astra G2 eliminates the need for other dealership software as it is a complete package which caters to all the needs of a dealership. Being ahead in the game is very important as the RV, marine and trailer market is extremely competitive. By the use of Astra G2, dealerships are reducing time as well as energy, which can be utilized for marketing and customer relations. Since a dealership constitutes of many sub-process, its harmonious tuning is important, which is well delivered by Astra G2. One of the best features of IDS is their concern for the customers. Therefore, they provide not just training for proper implementation of their dealership software but also provides assistance whenever needed. In case of new updates, customers are made aware so that their DMS does no lag and stays up-to-date always. Dealers in Louisiana can benefit from IDS as they have many partnered retailers here.

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