Dealership Management Software – Maryland

Just like dealers in Maine are gearing up for competition, the RV and marine dealership industry in Maryland too has been growing at a rapid pace, giving rise to competition. There are many DMS solutions out there, but Integrated Dealer System’s (IDS) Astra G2 is one of the best DMS solutions that can be used for a RV, marine and trailer dealerships. Astra G2 is the latest offering by IDS; it is fully integrated and offers a wide array of software tools that cater to every need of a dealership. IDS has an extensive 30 years of experience in this field and is therefore capable of churning out good management software solutions for dealerships. One of the leading companies in North America and Canada, it has partnered with other companies to provide its services all across the US, including in the state of Maryland.

Astra G2 has been fine tuned to meet with the industry standards and it is regularly updated so that maximum benefits can be given to its users. Astra G2 offers a range of software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), finance and accounting, parts inventory, sales management, business intelligence and integrated dealership website. IDS is extremely concerned about its customers, therefore takes great care of them. It provides training and guidance to customers so that they can implement the dealership software accurately. All DMS software by IDS are also updated regularly in order to stay abreast with the latest offerings of the RV, marine and trailer dealership industry. It is advisable for all dealers to invest in good DMS software just like Astra G2, in order to streamline their business and thus reap profits.

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