Dealership Management Software – Michigan

Michigan has witnessed a growth in the demand for RV and trailer which has given rise to a number of dealerships in this field. A growing market like in Michigan requires dealerships which are well equipped in order to face their competitors. This is made possible with the use of a competitive DMS system. Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) is a leading provider of DMS systems and has garnered an impressive list of 9,500 strong customers. IDS has the expertise of 30 years which is well reflected in their products. Their latest offering is Astra G2 which has been developed keeping in mind the latest industry trends.

In the latest 2013 releaseAstra G2 has added features such as payroll functionality that helps in management of the payroll cycle and maintenance routine. Additionally, Astra G2 also consists of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which helps to gain quick access to information of major departments. The new and improved Customer Relationship management (CRM) feature has been enhanced to ensure better revenue along with better customer review. Along with the mentioned functionality, Astra G2 offers many more integrated functions that are useful for a marine and RV dealership. IDS has carved a niche for itself by providing not just excellent service but also training and guidance to its customers. Its well-experienced personnel help dealers to implement their dealership software accurately so that the dealership is able to gain maximum benefits. To conclude it is accurate to state that for any RV, marine and trailer dealership investing in an efficient and competent dealership management software is a must as it helps the business to flourish further.

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