Dealership Management Software – New York

New York is a  state in US and there is considerable competition in RV, marine and trailer dealership. Annual shows and fairs have further boosted this field. In order to stay on top, dealerships need to implement promising DMS systems which will help to market effectively and boost sales. One such effective DMS system is the Astra G2 by Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS). IDS has been a pioneer in the field of dealership systems and has provided some of the best software. Their latest offering the Astra G2 is one of the best systems that can greatly benefit business in streamlining their operations. IDS has nearly 30 years of experience which they have applied in formulating latest software. Their 9,500 strong clients can vouch for their products and how it has helped them to evolve and prosper.

IDS’s latest offering Astra G2 is touted as one of the best DMS systems for RV, marine and trailer dealerships. Some of its features include advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system, finance and accounting management, finance and sale management, parts inventory management and reporting and record keeping. Furthermore, the CRM system in Astra G2 is highly advanced and offers many features such as leads assignment based on brands, geography etc, tracking of marketing campaigns and its success, email marketing integration etc. In addition, IDS also offers support and training for proper implementation of Astra G2 and CRM consultation from experts. All these features are important to further enhance business and attract customers, especially in a state like New York wherein there is tough competition and every dealer is racing for the top position. IDS’s extensive experience of 30 years will helps dealerships to align their operation to achieve maximum benefits.

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