Dealership Management Software – North Dakota

Just like North Carolina, the state of North Dakota is also witnessing a rush in RV, marine and trailer dealership. Therefore there is an increased need to implement a competent DMS system. One such dealership software which is not just sophisticated but is also easy to use is the Astra G2 by Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS). IDS is a premier dealership solution provider which has made name for itself not only in North America and Canada but is also emerging in the US markets. It boasts of 9,500 customers who have been utilizing its software and reaping its benefits. The Astra G2 is the newest offering by IDS that has sophisticated characteristics that will benefit RV and marine dealers by manifolds.

One of the best features of the revolutionary Astra G2 is its sophisticated and better advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM is extremely important for RV and marine dealerships because after all, it is the clientele who matters the most for any enterprise to flourish. CRM is nothing but a way to attract prospective clients and drive traffic to the dealership while also being able to retain the customers for service as well as sales. Dealers are now taking note of the importance of CRM and rethinking strategies with the application of efficient DMS systems. A well-equipped CRM assists the sales for easy communication as well as tracking of clients. The Astra G2 also helps to track the outcomes of marketing efforts and also offers integrated email marketing. IDS sustains very high measures of its products and this is echoed in the manner they assist dealers in proper application of dealership DMS so as to ensure high growth rate.

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