Dealership Management Software – West Virginia

West Virginia is all set to receive the gains from the IDS’s Astra G2 as it has been made available to RV, Marine and Trailer dealers across the US. This software is designed in a way to classify important aspects of the dealership business from step one. It includes all the processes from inventory management to unit sales and financial management. It provides all the basic necessities to manage a dealership system and dealer solutions to maximize the profits and gains. It is more advisable and sensible to invest in single quality dealership software which would help them to keep a track of all the processes and departments in the company; IDS’s Astra G2 is the answer to this. This software is capable of handling multiple software functions simultaneously. Some of the additional tasks which can be done through a dealership management software include work order management, appointment scheduling , sales tracking and purchase order tracking.

With 30 years of experience and expertise, IDS has launched Astra G2 in the West Virginia and other states of the US and Canada, to meet the needs and requirements of RV, Marine and Trailer dealership and their industry. Managing a RV and Marine dealership requires keeping a regular check on all the processes. Since all the departments in a company are interdependent and rely on each other’s performance, it is necessary to keep single software and to ease management and handling of the software. With the support of the client and training to the staff, IDS’s Astra G2 could play an effective role in business management; it is a complete dealership management system which is capable of increasing the productivity and ultimately the sales of the dealership.

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