Dealership management software – Delaware

Delaware is set to benefit from the IDS’s Astra G2 as it is being made available to RV, marine and trailer dealers across US. This software has been formulated to automate all the important aspects of a dealership business, right from point- of- sale, inventory management to unit sales and financial management. It is advisable for dealers in Delaware to invest in the IDS’s Astra G2 software as it is a complete package and includes every small aspect of the dealership business. Rather than having to align different software for different processes in business, it is advisable to have single software that will be able to align itself with all the departments in the company. Astra G2 has been developed specifically keeping in mind the needs of RV, marine and trailer dealership and their various departments. This ensures ease of use and the ability of the staff to stay connected since all departments are interdependent and rely on each other’s performance.

IDS not only provides the best dealership management system, but also helps the dealer and their staff to understand the working of the software. Training as well as guidance is provided so as staff in the company is able to use the software to its maximum advantage. Even after the software has been purchased, regular training, after sales service and personal attention is given by IDS. For these reasons alone, IDS has garnered a name for itself and their extensive experience of nearly 30 years lends them the required expertise. . Throughout all of Canada and the US it is possible for dealers to benefit from Astra G2.

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