Dealership Management Software – Indiana

IDS, which has nearly 30 years of experience has established its latest offering known as Astra G2 for RV, trailer and marine dealership. Astra G2 has been made available in all the states across USA, including Indiana, where the market is gaining fast momentum. RV, marine and trailer dealerships, based in the state of Indiana can benefit from the new Astra G2. Astra G2 offers an integrated management solution which offers customer relationship management (CRM), account and finance management, sales and insurance, parts inventory and business intelligence. Furthermore, it also offers and integrated dealership website. All this enables the dealership to establish a good customer relationship while it also smoothens their processes.

A DMS facilitates easy tracking of business transactions which helps to speed up procedural tasks such as inventory control, invoicing and billing. Essentially, all processes are able to function better, with less number of errors. This enables to handle business operations better while increasing worker productivity and helping to shape future strategies. For dealers setting shop in Indiana, IDS’s Astra G2 and other dealership management software can prove to be very handy as it enables the dealership to be at par with other competitors. It is important for dealerships to realize that putting money in an up–to-date dealership management system is a good investment as it will ultimately reduce costs and thus provide profits to the dealership. There are many dealership softwares available in the market, however very few compare to Astra G2, which provides an all-round development of the dealership. With a strong clientele of 9,500, IDS has been touted as one of the best companies to provide dealership management software for RV and marine dealerships.

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