States of US Benefitting from IDS’s Astra G2

South Dakota in the recent years has developed a good industry for RV and Marine dealerships. Due to the increasing pace and growth of the industry, there are demands for good dealership management software. Every industry has departments and each department has its own tasks. However to complete these tasks and goals and achieve the required target, Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) provides the best dealership management software (DMS) solution. Every task is interdependent on each other and hence use of a single software to run the all these business tasks has high demand. It is this system which can handle multiple tasks in the same software.

IDS which was launched in the year 1984 has an experience in this industry of nearly 30 years, provides dealer management software solutions for RV, Marine and Trailer dealerships. IDS has also established its offices in Wake Forest, NC, St. Petersburg, FL and Toronto, Canada with over 9,500 users worldwide. South Dakota and other states of the US have prospering RV and Marine industries. The list of their clients shows the success of IDS and its dealership management software. IDS has almost all the required tools to run a business smoothly and achieve objectives and increase productivity. Every industry is different from the other and has its own independent departments; if necessary then the DMS can be customized and supplied to the RV and Marine dealer as per the requirement of the industry.

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