Dealership Software a Must for Every Dealership in Detroit

IDS has made its products available across the USA, including in the city of Detroit. Dealerships in Detroit are leaning towards the use of DMS solutions in order to keep their dealerships well organized so that there is ease in operations and departments are able to work in sync. It is important to note that only when the departments work harmoniously does it result in a successful RV, marine or trailer dealership. Since IDS ensures to provide the best and up to date solutions according to the industry needs, it has unveiled its latest offering called the Astra G2. This magnificent dealership solution has been designed to cater to every department of a dealership. Furthermore, this solution package is entirely customizable so that you can change it according to your dealership needs. Although many features are included in this solution such as payroll functionality, key performance indicators, sales projection, unit inventory management, estimates, work order processing, supplier integration and many more. Such detailed programs help dealerships to chisel their organizational skills which are extremely important for flourishing any business.

One of the biggest features of IDS’s Astra G2 is its better improved customer relationship management (CRM) for any business; customers form the backbone of the dealership. Only when there is proper handling of customers does a dealership gain a stronghold in the market. For any dealership maintaining the current loyal customers and attracting new customers is the final aim as they are the single most factor that helps the business to grow exponentially. Keeping this in mind, IDS’s Astra G2 has developed its CRM solution in a manner that it fully integrates into the dealership software and offers features that ensure that the customer never goes unsatisfied. Due to such reasons, IDS’s DMS solution is the best software for your RV, trailer or marine dealership.


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