Dealer Management System in Philadelphia

IDS has become a name to reckon with even in the city of Philadelphia as a growing number of dealerships are implementing dealership software developed by IDS. The latest offering by IDS is the Astra G2 designed specifically to cater all the needs of an RV, marine and trailer dealership. This latest offering is packed with features that help managers to streamline every process in the dealership. Some of the added features of the Astra G2 include better Customer Relation Management (CRM), customizable sales quote, easy accounts management between the various branches of the dealership and integrated dealership website. All these extra benefits help businesses to streamline their processes and those achieve better results. One of the most important processes of an RV, marine and trailer is CRM, therefore it is important that their customer service is up to the mark and offers best solutions.

With 35 long years of knowledge as well as skills, IDS unveiled its Astra G2 in the Philadelphia to meet the needs as well as demands involving RV, marine as well as trailer dealership. Building a RV, marine or trailer dealership needs keeping a check into all the operations. Since all the divisions within a company are generally interdependent as well as rely on every department’s performance, it is important to keep single software so that there is simplicity in administration as well as in managing the software. With all the support to the purchaser as well as teaching to the staff, IDS’s Astra G2 could play a highly effective role in proper administration; this is a complete  dealership management  software which is able to escalate the productiveness as well as increase sales of the dealership in order to reinforce its market position.


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