Dealership Software for RV and Marine Dealers in California and Colorado

Dealership in RV, marine and trailers requires meticulous planning and execution. As there are many processes involved, it is necessary to keep a check on every process and ensure that each process progresses smoothly. A manual check can be tiresome and may require a lot of manpower. In contrast, making use of a good dealership management system can be much more convenient. Such software not only helps to increase efficiency but also ensures that every process progresses smoothly without any problem.

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) is one of the top companies in North America in supplying the best in dealership management software. They have spread their wings in the US, including the state of California. This comes as a good news for all RV, marine and trailer dealers here in California as IDS’s dealership software is above par and offers complete solutions. Its new addition is Astra G2 which has modules  that are in line with the processes of RV and marine dealership. Astra G2 has many features as it provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM), finance and accounting, inventory parts management, reporting and business intelligence and sales management. This software is a complete package in itself and delivers high results. It focuses on reducing errors while providing an opportunity to increase productivity. The software caters to the various departments and processes involved in a RV and marine dealership.

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