Dealership Management Systems in Baltimore

While Nashville is seeing a rise in dealerships, there is an exponential rise even in the city of Baltimore. A lot of marine, RV and trailer dealerships are setting shop here. As mentioned earlier, application of a good dealership software can make a lot of difference to your dealership. While there are many providers in Baltimore, one of the best providers is Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) who have extensive expertise of 30 years. Their 30years of expertise is seen in their products which aide dealerships across the US and Canada to prosper and flourish. They keep updating their products so that the softwares are in tune with the current market trends. Their latest offering is the breakthrough Astra G2, which includes many features such as multiple user and multi-location ability, double entry checker, nearly 500 Key Performance Indicators (KPI), customizable reports etc. All these features are unique to this dealership software and are not available with other DMS’s provided by other retailers. This is because IDS is continuously improving on their softwares and take in account what dealers want; thus their softwares are designed specifically for every kind of dealership, whether RV, marine or trailer.

One of the major features of the Astra G2 is its Customer Relationship Management tool. As we know, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are two major factors which help any dealership to grow. Keeping this in mind, IDS has built the CRM feature that concentrates on providing the best services to the client. Some of the features of CRM include lead management, assignment of leads and follow-ups, web lead integration, visibility of contact activities, real-time access to inventory on the Astra G2, lead status reports, integrated email marketing strategy with Outlook integration etc.  Thus this shows that IDS’s Astra G2 is an ideal DMS solution for RV, trailer and marine dealership to profit and prosper in Baltimore.

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