New DMS Solution by Integrated Dealer Systems: Astra G2

Competition is a part of RV, marine and trailer dealership in Boston, there as a dealer you need to stay updated with the latest technological advancements in the field and how it can help your business to grow. One of the widely used technologies by every dealership is dealership management software (DMS) which helps to align business operations so that there is easy flow of information between departments. As is known, a dealership constitutes of many departments such as inventory, sales, accounts, finance and customer relationship. Only when there is easy flow of information between these departments does it result in successful management of the dealership resulting in profits.

Although there are many DMS solution providers in Boston, very few are able to provide integrated solutions which can be applied to every department. However, Integrated Dealer System (IDS) has been providing such integrated solutions from the past 30 years and has made a mark for itself. Its dealership softwares are designed to accommodate the necessities of every dealership. One of the latest offering of IDS is their revolutionary Astra G2 which encompasses all the necessities of a dealership. It has some amazing features that help dealerships to streamline their processes. Some of their features include accounting and financial management, parts and unit inventory, service scheduler, work order processing, forecasts and budgets etc. All these features help every department to streamline their operations which also allows for easy interactions between departments.


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