Achieving business intelligence through DMS

Honolulu is a touristy destination which receives a heavy number of tourists throughout the year. It gets footfalls from both local and international clients. So, it is quite easy to see that its marine business is going great guns. At the same time, the dealership business in RV and trailer are also very much visible. But every good side of the coin has another bad side. The truth is that Honolulu is studded with competition. So, every dealer has to keep looking for new ideas in order to keep the customers interested and in order to achieve higher sales. Business Intelligence is a concept which is gaining high momentum these days. It refers to smart planning and decision-making so that a firm can achieve the desirable number of sales in a particular season. So, forecasting plays a big role in business intelligence. But forecasting, especially good forecasting, is only possible if the management has some stats to back their ideas.

The business needs information about its past and that too in a systemized and precise manner. It cannot be done in a manual way since it will only give incomplete or incorrect information, or even both. The whole idea of business intelligence rests on access to information. Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS) has been on the priority list of most Honolulu dealers. IDS has come up with a complete solution in the form of DMS software. It is a tool which has been surprisingly helpful to dealers of the marine, trailer and RV business. Dealer management software sorts out all kinds of day-to-day issues for the dealers and allows them to forecast ideally. This clearly can be advantageous as it puts the dealer in a position from where he can dictate the economy and control the market. At the same time, DMS is great to manage the accounts and to avoid errors which are usually connected with manual bookkeeping.

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