The importance of good flow between dealerships departments

In a RV, marine or trailer dealership, there are many departments such as sales, inventory, accounts, customer relationship etc. All these departments are inter-related and therefore it is important that there is efficient functioning between them. This can be well achieved by implementing IDS’s Astra G2. This dealership software has been created keeping in mind the industry standards as well as requirements. Therefore it is a highly sought after product in Memphis and many other cities across the USA. The Astra G2 has enhanced features that help dealerships to stay up to date always and ensure that there is proper flow of information. Some of the new features of Astra G2 include detailed reporting, multi-user and multi-location capabilities, work order processing, service scheduler, supplier integration etc. All these features make Astra G2 a product worth purchasing, especially when there is intense competition in the market, just like in Memphis.

For any dealership to prosper and create profits, it is important that there is a good flow between dealerships’ parts inventory and service department along with customer relationship management. Only when these departments work in harmony does it result in an organized dealership. A dealerships reputation and its standing is most affected by the customer’s satisfaction levels with the sales and parts departments. Rather than just fishing for new clients, it is important that the old clients be retained and favorable reviews be earned so that it helps your dealership to gain a good reputation for itself. Whether you have a RV, marine or trailer dealership, there are a variety of products that are sold and therefore it is important that the operations between core departments are streamlined. This is best achieved with the application of IDS’s Astra G2 as it integrates operations between sales and service, inventory and customer relationship management.


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