Dealer Management Software in Portland

Like Louisville, Portland too is experiencing an increase in RV, marine and trailer dealerships. This increase demands for better organization of your dealership, which can be achieved only by implementing IDS’s Astra G2. Although there are many dealership solutions in the market, very few have the features identical to AstraG2. Some of it most effective features include, lead management and automatic assignment along with follow-up, multi-user and multi-location usability, double entry checker, enhanced payroll, fully integrated email marketing, Outlook integration, ability to view purchase and service history of the client, integrated website solutions etc. All these and many more features make it possible for the dealership manager to operate the dealership much more effectively since all the information is available easily at the click of the mouse. Similarly operations within the dealership carried out with ease since all the necessary information is available within the single software. Due to all these advantages, IDS’s Astra G2 is gaining a lot of appreciation from dealers of RV, marine and trailers in Portland.

For any dealership software to integrate entirely within a dealership requires support and accurate configuration along with training. IDS provides training for the correct usage of its dealership softwares so that employees and the manager at the dealership are able to operate the software without any glitches. Furthermore, dealerships are even provided support so that even after the implementation of the software, if there are any problems, a qualified support staff is present to handle your problems and help you solve them. This enables smooth functioning of the software. Due to such reasons, IDS has garnered a name for itself and has become the most preferred dealership software provider across USA.


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