Dealer Management Systems in San Francisco

IDS has come up with their latest offering known as Astra G2. This software has been made available across USA, including in San Francisco. Other than the previous softwares, IDS has formulated its latest offering called the Astra G2. This dealership software is a fully integrated software and includes features that can be applied for all the different departments. As we are well aware, a RV, marine or trailer dealership constitutes of many departments such as sales, finance, customer relationship, inventory etc. Only when there is a proper flow of information between departments can there be proper management. Astra G2 takes care of this aspect and therefore allows for free and easy movement of information from every department. Each department is inter-dependent, thus only when the information is streamlined accurately does it help the dealership to function properly.

IDS offers integrated dealership softwares which can be customized according to the needs of the dealership. Furthermore, these softwares integrate hardware, software and network configuration so that dealers are able to handle their dealership in a much organized manner. The Astra G2s’capabilities include sales prospecting, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), Business intelligence, and parts and inventory management. They also provide training and guidance to dealership so that Astra G2 is used to its full potential and the staff is able to apply it accurately in each of the departments of the dealership. The Astra G2 helps to minimize trivial manual work so that you can concentrate on flourishing your business and make a mark for yourself in the competitive dealership market of San Francisco.


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