New DMS Solution by Integrated Dealer Systems

Just as competition is gearing up in Boston, Seattle is also witnessing a rising number of RV, marine and trailer dealerships. In such a scenario it is best to implement a dealership management software that caters to all the needs of the dealership while allowing the dealership manager to streamline processes. For a dealership manager, it is important to manage the business, keep a look at the employees while also planning about the dealership’s future endeavors. Marketing and management skills can only be successful when there are accurate tools to apply these skills. Tools which are effective and up to date; therefore a manager needs to be cautious while choosing the dealership software. A DMS is nothing but a bundle of software tools which help in management of the different business operations within the dealership. Thus, only when there is mutual exchange of information between departments does it lead to a successful dealership. This is best achieved by implementing the revolutionary Astra G2 by IDS.

Whether you have a single location dealership or multiple location dealerships, IDS’s Astra G2 offers an integrated solution which will not only streamline all your business operations but will also manage and support your rising  RV, marine or trailer dealership. The Astra G2 offers multi-user, multi-location feature so that operations of all the dealerships can be streamlined and easily managed. Furthermore detailed reports and extensive managerial capabilities help you to build your dealership further. With nearly 30 years of experience, IDS has strived to develop dealership management software (DMS) solutions which cater to all the needs of marine, trailer or RV dealership, Astra G2 being their latest offering.


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