RV, Trailer & Marine Dealership Management Software Providers – Idaho

Mirroring the Hawaii RV and marine dealership industry, Idaho industry too is recuperating from the recession blow. Today the industry has found a strong foothold and is flourishing further. IDS’s Astra G2 is an integrated dealership management software solution that offers many functions such as customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and financial management, parts and sales inventory, sales and finance and insurance etc. Astra G2 helps to bring various business functions of RV, marine and trailer dealership under one single software. One of the other benefits of the DMS is the ability to maintain dealership’s active presence over social media. This helps the dealership to make information available online to its customers regarding the available parts and inventory, offers etc. This also helps to further increase the customer base.

Those dealerships who have experienced coordination issues within departments and require a way to streamline their operations, Astra G2 by IDS is an ideal dealership solution. It is easy to understand and the ease of usability makes it an instant hit amongst the dealership staff. IDS also provides expert training and advice in order to help dealers learn the use of Astra G2 as well as gain expertise in efficient functioning of RV dealership. Idaho represents great opportunities for RV, marine and trailer dealerships to grow and thrive; making use of a reputed DMS such as the ones provided by IDS, will make this quest easy.

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