Giant Recreation World Benefits from IDS’s Inventory Features

Tim Burton, CIO of Giant Recreation World, has already witnessed the success that the partnership brings to RV dealerships in only three months.

With three Florida locations – Orlando, Daytona, and Melbourne – and approximately $40 million in annual sales, Giant needed an integrated solution to make managing its inventory of Coachmen RVs simpler. Burton said, “We did not use Coach-Link stand-alone because it would have required double-entry, which has been eliminated by using Coach-Link with Astra.”

“[The integration of the two systems] has greatly expedited the payment of the claims. It has significantly decreased our processing time because the need to mail them has been eliminated. Re-submittal turnaround has been decreased tenfold. Now there are checks and balances that will not allow you to process the claim improperly. The system catches the majority of issues before it is even submitted. If we forget information, it catches it real-time.” Burton added, “Parts purchase orders have reduced processing time as well.”

New unit registrations at Giant Recreation give Coachmen an opportunity to get visibility and enhances manufacturing forecast of unit sales in a timelier manner. Coach-Link and Astra’s RV dealer management software closes the gaps on the supply chain between the dealer and the manufacturer. “What once took 60 days to register a unit and get visibility for the manufacturer from a production standpoint is now done at time of retail customer delivery,” commented Burton. This convenience allows the manufacturer to build the products that are selling and improves unit inventory management for both the dealer and the manufacturer. “Because of Astra, we can better run our business.”

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